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We are headed into the wild!

Huge apologies for the mid-summer timing! Our entire Wildthings crew is headed into the wild for a backcountry trip. If you would like to place an order between June 17 and June 30, it will be shipped on July 1.

You can use TRAVEL30 for a 30% discount on all orders placed during this time, and we will ship promptly when we return.

Thanks for your understanding!

You can follow our travels on Instagram @all.things.wild


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Protect and Nourish Your Skin



Wildthings is the BEST natural, non-toxic repellant I've ever used. It really works; repels mosquitoes AND ticks. And smells great too!!

Sarah Anderson

I have been using Wildthings on my trail runs for myself and my dog. Here is what you need to know: running without Wildthings I pulled 13 ticks off me and dog. With Wildthings: 0 That is all I need to know to use this stuff. 
Oh yes, and it smells nice. and it is safe to use and I know it has been properly tested. Safe, works, smells nice (like really I would wear just for the scent). I have three bottles: one for the house, one with my running gear and one that stays in the car.

Anne Jones

Check out Wildthings all-natural bug spray and bug oil. Perfect for summer. I used this when I traveled to India and Costa Rica [prior to Covid]. works like a charm and smells good too!

Lucia Hassell

This is amazing stuff!! I highly recommend it. It smells great and works even better!

Stephanie Borges Folarin

Wildthings is the only insect repellent I use.  The different flavors are subtle and enjoyable.  I love that it is made from natural herbs and oils, and not harsh chemicals.  I was skeptical of its effectiveness at first, but I tested it myself.  I sprayed Wildthings on one ankle only, and went into the woods where there was mosquitoes present.  Mosquitoes immediately started landing on my ankle that did not have Wildthings and nearly ignored the ankle with Wildthings.  In 2 minutes, I counted 10 landings on the unprotected ankle and only one on the Wildthings ankle.  I also find it repels ticks as well.

Gil Rocha

Just thought I would let you know that your Wildthings in Jojoba oil is the ONLY thing that will keep the sweat bees off.

Leslie Summey

stay wild