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skin nourishing and fiercely effective


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Protect and Nourish Your Skin



Wildthings is the BEST natural, non-toxic repellant I've ever used. It really works; repels mosquitoes AND ticks. And smells great too!!

Sarah Anderson

I have been using Wildthings on my trail runs for myself and my dog. Here is what you need to know: running without Wildthings I pulled 13 ticks off me and dog. With Wildthings: 0 That is all I need to know to use this stuff. 
Oh yes, and it smells nice. and it is safe to use and I know it has been properly tested. Safe, works, smells nice (like really I would wear just for the scent). I have three bottles: one for the house, one with my running gear and one that stays in the car.

Anne Jones

This is amazing stuff!! I highly recommend it. It smells great and works even better!

Stephanie Borges Folarin
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