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Wildthings Extreme - Jojoba Oil-Based Natural Bug Repellent, INSECT REPELLENT - Cedarberry

Wildthings Extreme - Jojoba Oil-Based Natural Bug Repellent

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Our most potent insect repellent, Wildthings Extreme contains a double dose of our essential oil blend: rose geranium, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, and nepeta cataria, in a base of organic jojoba and organic sunflower oils. The jojoba oil is heavenly for the skin - light, skin-nourishing, and non-sticky. Reapply every 4 hours or as needed. Comes in a glass 2 oz bottle.

Apply gently to skin or in palm and then rub into a wider area. As it is oil based, we do not recommend applying to clothing. For best protection, use Wildthings Extreme on the skin, and our regular Bug Spray on clothing and shoes.